Welcome to M3 Technology

Our business is to provide superior benefit programs and service to your employees/members.  We can help your organization improve retention and strengthen morale with state-of-the-art communication and service technology.

Are you interested in:

  •  Strengthening employee/member loyalty to your organization?
  •  Providing Guaranteed Acceptance voluntary supplemental benefit insurance programs to every employee/member of your organization regardless of present or past medical conditions?
  •  Benefit communication technology that explains and enrolls employees/members in the program of their choosing?
  •  Benefit administration technology that requires no commitment of personnel or resources by your organization

M3 Technology is a voluntary benefits firm specializing in the design, implementation and administration of voluntary benefits programs. We offer an array of unique benefits to supplement existing employer-paid benefits; and, we utilize proprietary software and patented technology to communicate the benefits to your employees/members. And we do it all...at no cost to you!


All leading organizations want to provide quality benefits. You want to provide competitive benefits to retain employees/members.

The solution is Voluntary Supplemental Benefits. Although relatively new, voluntary supplemental benefits have been relied upon by many major organizations, to “fill the gaps” in their employees'/members’ core benefits.

Get acquainted with a time-tested benefit solution...

The founder of M3 Technology is a pioneer in the field of voluntary supplemental benefits. When the economic tide started to ebb, and costs started to swell, he realized the need for an alternative solution. Review the programs we offer, the services we provide, and contact us for additional information on the wide range of benefit solutions that are available to your organization.